Improve your life. Meet other awesome thirtysomethings. All from your own living room.

    What would it be like to wake up each morning knowing that you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to do with your life?

    It's time to find out.


    Announcing 2014's Thirtysomething Summer Camp Theme:

    Find Your Purpose

    so that you can create the career, relationships, and life of your dreams

    6-Week Group Coaching Program

      • Who are you?
      • What are you here to do?
      • How do you want to do it?

      This year, Thirtysomething Summer Camp is all about helping you answer those big questions.

      Still trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up?

      Want to make a difference in the world—but not sure what that should be, or how?

      Wish your career, relationships, and life were a better expression of who you really are?

      You're in the right place.

      Dear Thirtysomething,

      I know what it’s like to have HUGE questions about who you are, what you’re doing with your life, and how to figure it all out.

      Check out this excerpt from my old journal:

      “I want to make more of myself. I live this life with no area of certainty, and I spend far too much time questioning aspects of my life to really be living it fully. The aspects that I always question and agonize about and return to:

      —my job—general field AND specific location

      —my relationship

      —my home–location (this is questioned less often…)

      It’s certainly not constant, but my bouts with loneliness come too often for the comfort of feeling ‘normal.’

      Do many of us feel normal?”

      . . . . .

      My jaw dropped to the ground when I picked up this old journal on a whim, and found these musings from 2007.

      Oh my god. It was like a window back into that sad, lonely, scary time.

      I remember that confusion and pain so clearly. I felt so freaking lost!

      Reading those words now, I feel so much compassion for myself.

      But the time, I judged myself harshly.

      I felt confused and like I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, but it obviously wasn’t quite this.

      I felt guilty for questioning things I should just feel happy and grateful about.

      I thought there was something really wrong with me. And I was terrified I wouldn’t figure it out.

      As a fairly private person, I kept a lot of this stuff bottled up inside. Which made me feel even more alone (and left me completely unaware of how normal the stuff I was dealing with is).

      I didn’t have a clue what to do. I didn’t have a road map. I didn’t know anyone else who was going through the same thing. (I realize now that many people were, but at the time, I had no idea that I wasn’t alone.)

      But finally, I decided I had to do something about the questions I’d been asking for too long.

      With great effort and investment, I cobbled my own “figuring it out plan” together.

      Gradually, I found the books and resources I could and created my own tools and ways of trying to figure it out.

      At moments, it was exciting and exhilarating.

      It was also lonely and scary and exhausting.

      I came out the other side with a job I love, with clarity around my purpose and a permanent sense of joy in what I get to do every day.

      I used to say, “I don’t know how I did it”—in acknowledgment of how scary it was and how miraculous it feels now. But with the benefit of hindsight and the determination to turn my own findings into a process others can follow, I DO know how I did it. And I want to share it with you.

      I don’t want anyone to have to go through this kind of transition alone, to start from scratch without support. That’s a big part of why I do what I do. (I also do it because it’s fun and inspiring and super-interesting!)

      Today I get to work with so many awesome people (who usually have no idea how awesome they are) who are trying to find their fit in career, relationship, location, and other areas.

      A lot of people hire me to help them figure out their career and relationship transitions, and to bring balance, purpose, and joy to their lives. And I love working with individuals!

      But I want more people to have access to this stuff. Because when we’re going through transitions like this, we need tools and support–someone to believe in us and help us figure it out.

      And I want connect people to a larger community of searching thirtysomethings and almost-thirtysomethings. Because when we’re going through transitions like this, we NEED the support of a community who is going through the same stuff.

      That’s what Thirtysomething Summer Camp is designed to provide.

      In my virtual group coaching program “Find Your Purpose” (this year’s theme for my annual Thirtysomething Summer Camp), I am sharing exactly what I did to figure it out—the tools I used, the books I read, the questions I asked, the process I went through, the secrets I found. And you’ll get the bonus of what I wish I’d had the time—a community of other people who are asking the exact same questions and figuring it out with you.

      I’m pouring all of my best stuff into this group.

      And this group coaching program is the most affordable way to get these tools and do this work.

      If you’re questioning your career, your relationship, or what the hell you are doing on this planet, please join us. We will help you figure it out.

      If you are feeling not “normal” because you’re questioning where you should be in your career, relationship, home, or any other aspect of your life—well, that’s normal, too. A LOT of people are going through this, and a LOT of people are questioning whether they’re normal to be experiencing what they’re experiencing.

      Please, join us.

      With love,

      Carrie Signature

      Camp is where you'll...

      Get into Action Toward the Career, Relationships, and Life You Want

      In-session activities and between-session assignments get you moving and keep you on track!

      Get Expertise and Insight

      Carrie’s passion is helping you create the life you want. She’s bringing you her very best tools to help you get there.

      Find Your Tribe

      Meet other thirtysomethings who are figuring it out along with you.

      Who says camp is just for kids?

      This summer, join a group of other thirtysomethings and Carrie Spaulding, The Thirtysomething Coach, in a fun and supportive 6-week workshop series.

      No need to travel! Because this is a VIRTUAL program, you can attend camp from your home or vacation spot---wherever you are in the world!

      You'll call in to sessions on your phone from wherever is convenient for you---your home, your office, your car---anywhere that fits your schedule.

      Best of all, you'll be joined by other thirtysomethings who can relate to what you're going through, providing a sense of community, camaraderie, and support!

      Tuesdays May 27-July 1, 2014

      • May 27, 7:00pm-8:45pm EDT
      • June 3, 7:00pm-8:45pm EDT
      • June 10, 7:00pm-8:45pm EDT
      • June 17, 7:00pm-8:45pm EDT
      • June 24, 7:00pm-8:45pm EDT
      • July 1, 7:00pm-8:45pm EDT


      Meet the other campers face-to-face! Kickoff pizza-&-s’mores party on Tuesday, May 20th, 6:30-8:30pm EDT. Attend in-person in Philadelphia, or attend virtually from anywhere!

      Transform your life from "thirtyWHAAAT?!" to "thirtyAWESOME!"

      You're not alone!

      When you join Thirtysomething Summer Camp, you join a community of other awesome thirtysomethings who are truly invested in creating the careers, relationships, and lives they want.

      Come to camp to make new connections that will last well after the last session.

      At Thirtysomething Summer Camp, we're all in the same canoe.

      What You'll Learn and Do

      What you'll learn...

      • The rules you’re unconsciously living by—and how they’re holding you back
      • The most common barriers to getting into action and living your purpose—and how to handle/manage them
      • How to deal with obstacles in a way that makes you more resilient and powerful
      • How to express your purpose in EVERY area of your life—not just your career
      • How to tell your story and answer the “what do you do?” and “who are you” questions when you’re still figuring it out
      • How to manage the vulnerability of change and putting yourself out there
      • ...and more!
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      What you'll do...

      • Separate what you “should” do from what you are actually meant to do
      • Clarify your passions, skills, talents, values, and goals
      • Mine the gold from your previous and current experiences
      • Craft experiments to help you test and refine your purpose
      • Take steps to translate the "what" into the "how"
      • Build purposeful relationships and connections
      • Start living on purpose right now—even when you’re not “there yet”
      • ...and more!

      What You'll Get


      • Six content-rich sessions

        Get tools, tips, and knowledge to find your purpose and forge your path.

      • Share your voice and get your questions answered

        Time in every session for active participation and Q & A.

      • Recordings of every session

        Every session is recorded in case you have to miss a session, or want to listen again.

      • Private campsite

        Find all of your exclusive exercises, tools, and resources in one convenient online center.


      • No travel, bunk beds, or bug juice required

        Call into camp from anywhere in the world!

      • Connect with your fellow campers

        Get to know other thirtysomethings in a private Facebook group, and interact on the campsite.

      • Meet face-to-face

        Attend the s’mores kickoff party in person or attend virtually.

      • Email access to Carrie

        Send your homework, ask questions, and share insights with your counselor.

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      Your Camp Counselor

      Carrie Spaulding, The Thirtysomething Coach, is the founder of Thirtysomething Summer Camp. An expert coach and facilitator, Carrie helps people (especially thirtysomethings) move through big transitions and 'thirtysomething panic' to create the relationships, careers, and lives they want. Carrie specializes in helping thirtysomethings create and nurture healthy and satisfying relationships, and navigate major transitions like career changes, breakups, and big moves. To learn more, visit

      Listen to Carrie talk about the founding of Thirtysomething Summer Camp on the New You City radio show:

      Camper Profile: One Happy Camper in 2013


      I signed up for summer camp because I thought the theme, Confident Communication, would be relevant for my personal and professional life. I knew that I sometimes had difficulty articulating to my partner what I was feeling, not so much because I was uncomfortable doing so but rather because I couldn’t figure out how to explain it. I also thought that these skills would be helpful for my job as a professor, as I routinely discuss challenges and issues with my students.

      Thirtysomething Summer Camp was very well organized, thought-provoking, and helpful. I developed skills that have greatly improved my ability to identify and communicate what I am feeling as well as to help my partner articulate his thoughts. I also feel that I have been able to dialogue with my students more effectively about the issues that concern them. The most important thing I think I’ve learned is to feel more comfortable exploring my thoughts and emotions, as I feel like I have better skills to do so.

      Carrie is particularly strong at asking helpful, leading questions. She doesn’t give you the answer, but she helps you develop the answer yourself. The result is so much more powerful, as you realize that you are indeed capable of changing your thought patterns.

      I enjoyed hearing others’ perspectives—both to know that many people shared many of the same concerns and also to hear different ideas I had never considered. I learned a lot from my fellow campers.

      It was very helpful to have the time to dig more deeply into specific concerns as well as to go over questions and issues I wasn’t comfortable bringing up in the group setting.

      As a result of Thirtysomething Summer Camp, I feel more confident and capable in difficult conversations. I have also learned to recognized unhelpful thought patterns more quickly—even if they still pop up, I have learned not to take them at face value and rather dig more deeply to figure out what is really bothering me.

      I have told friends that it helped me identify the real questions I was asking myself, since it’s so easy to get lost in broad concerns that don’t actually tell you what you’re worried about. I tell people that it’s much easier to figure out what to do once you understand what’s at the heart of your concerns!

      The workbook was extremely helpful, and I greatly appreciated Carrie’s investment in the program, in terms of being available for email follow-up and for posting recording on our private site. I felt like I really had the tools I needed to make the most of the experience!

      - K.K., Professor, Washington, DC

      What Others Are Saying about Working with Carrie...

      Not only did I have a plan with concrete and specific next steps, I felt supported, motivated, and ready to take action.

      Social worker, San Francisco

      I walked away not only with concrete and manageable steps to take, but also with a new sense of optimism about my career options, and a completely new view of what I bring to the table.

      Admissions Director, Philadelphia

      A ball has started rolling in thinking about my future and deciding what it will look like, rather than just waiting for it to happen to me.

      Teacher, Philadelphia

      I was able to envision my next steps in a whole new light. Throughout the process, I became more confident, assured and less critical of my business and was able to find clarity around what I wanted as opposed to what I thought I wanted. Breakthroughs galore.

      Coach and executive assistant, New York

      As a result of working with Carrie, I feel less afraid to deal with getting a job. It set the wheels in motion, showing me some truths about how I think about my situation. Truths that I’ve never verbalized or even thought about previously.

      Stay-at-home mom, Philadelphia

      I felt like I had new ways to frame what I was doing and concrete tools to use.

      Multimedia Artist, New York

      Special Bonuses

      • Bonus #1 'How to Network With Purpose' Training

        Are you terrified of networking? You’re not alone. This bonus report will give you the confidence you need to get out there powerfully (and in a way that won’t make you feel the Networking Ick Factor!).

      • Bonus #2 'Master Your Mindset' Training

        Are you thinking like a victim or like a victor? This report will help you find out—and give you a powerful strategy to immediately shift into a winning mindset.

      • Bonus #3 'Break Through Procrastination' Training

        No matter what you’re working on, time management matters. And procrastination is often misunderstood. This report will help you pinpoint the underlying sources of your procrastination, and give you powerful strategies to get into action.

      • Bonus #4 'Break Through Your Money Blocks' Training

        What we have and don’t have, what we know and don’t know, what we do and don’t do, and what we believe and don’t believe about money can have a huge impact on how we pursue our goals (and what goals we even allow ourselves to pursue). This report will help you uncover the unconscious money stories that are keeping you stuck, and help you get into action so you’re in the driver’s seat of your financial life.



      • q-iconI’m not a 30something, but summer camp sounds like a great fit for me! Can I enroll?

        YES! All are welcome. If you have a gut feeling that you’re meant to camp with us, I want you there! Beyond that, the rest of our campers will benefit from your perspective as a 20-/40-/50-/60-/70-something!

      • q-iconMy schedule prevents me from attending camp sessions live. Can I still enroll in camp?

        Absolutely. I understand that schedules can be tricky, so I’ve designed camp to be flexible. Because you’ll get recordings of every session, you can listen at any time that’s convenient for you.

        What’s more, you’ll still be able to connect and engage with other campers on the campsite and in the private Facebook group—so you won’t miss out on being a real part of the tribe.

        Of course, if you can make even some of the calls live, all the better!

      • q-iconI’m not considering a career change—or if I am, I’m nowhere near ready to make one. Will I fit in here?

        Absolutely. People are coming to camp for sooooo many reasons. We are not cookie cutter campers! Your purpose can be expressed in so many ways.

        Some campers are trying to figure out what to do professionally so they can make a career change. Others want to find greater purpose in their current jobs. Others are really happy professionally, but want to find more meaning or make a greater difference in other parts of their lives. Still others are coming to camp with the primary goal of making purposeful new friendships and connections with other thirtysomethings.

        As long as you have a desire to clarify your purpose and live a life that you love, you will benefit from camp!

      • q-iconI’m an introvert and the idea of live participation doesn’t appeal to me. Will I still be able to make connections at camp?

        I am so glad you asked.

        There are a lot of different ways to connect and share at Thirtysomething Summer Camp in addition to live participation in camp sessions. These include meeting at the in-person (or virtual connection) kickoff party (which will have chances for large-group AND one-on-one interaction), commenting in written form on the campsite and in the private Facebook group, emailing your camp counselor (that’s me!), and private coaching sessions. You’ll also have the opportunity to be matched with a “bunkmate” who will serve as your camp buddy and accountability partner.

        In between sessions, you’ll have exercises and tools that you can process in your own time and your own way.

        What’s more, all campers will have access to a camp directory with the contact information of any campers who choose to share it. This will give you the chance to connect with other campers one-on-one and in your own style.

      • q-iconI’m not sure if I want to sign up for the Basic option or one of the options with private coaching. What can I expect in private coaching sessions?

        You can learn a lot more about coaching here. You can use your private coaching sessions to get individualized support with your camp work, or to work on any goals you have.

      • q-iconI have a question that’s not answered here.

        Just ask. Email Carrie now.

      Have questions about Thirtysomething Summer Camp?


      © Carrie Spaulding 2014

      Camp cabins photo by Kathleen Tyler Conklin